Hi my name is Matthew Weaver.

Ever since i was a little boy the stories in the Bible fascinated me. Having grown up in a little Midwest town i never dreamt of visiting these places even though i had a intense desire to somehow make it happen.


My biggest hero was my dad who not only was my biggest influence but also shared in the interest. He traveled quite a bit as a traveling preacher and met people who later in my life would buzz my interest on these topics.


As i grew up i was blessed to be able to do some traveling and i got bit by the travel bug. My interests also shifted to video, photography, music and generally anything i could get my hands on. My parents did much to feed my curiosity buying me books, dvds and audio cds. With it all i still had this insatiable appetite for the Bible.


Looking back i can clearly see Gods hand in all of it. My first opportunity to visit Israel was in 2010 but i wasn't at peace with it yet. The following year in June of 2011 i traveled over and met my parents there for a month of exploration. We rented a van and the rest is history. We explored huge areas of Israel using our Bibles as guides and with the Almighty's help we discovered the land my Messiah walked and came to. From Galilee to Jerusalem and the Negev, hours and hours of adventure fueled discovery. This completely turned my life upside down. Things i presumed i knew about the bible came to life and i began to understand the great importance of context.


Energized by that trip i returned in 2013 for a month to continue my studies. On this trip i took some people with me who also wanted in on the thrill. We rented two vans and drove the country again discovering the land. On this trip we crossed the border into Jordan to discover the history over there. After this trip more people wanted to go and so i put together my first study trip with our friend Dr. Todd Horton at Grace tours. Todd is great and let me guide myself unless i got in a difficult areas. With this being a success i again planned another trip for March of 2016 I again stayed for a month with the group being with me 2 weeks and several for an additional week in Jordan. I know this is a bio so I'll get back on track.


So yes as you see my passion is the Biblical Lands. I have many places to visit yet including Asia Minor and other middle east nations but Israel still has my undivided attention.


I was married on October 6th 2007 to the girl of my dreams and she has always been by my side. Enduring my unstoppable series of "projects" she patiently walks by my side. People always ask if we have children and unfortunately we had several miscarriages. God has still encouraged us and God willing in his time we will. My biggest influences spiritually are my dad Wayne Weaver, Derek Prince, Leonerd Ravenhill, Major Ian Thomas, Watchman Nee and many more but of course the biggest the Holy Spirit. My Dad has been the founding Pastor of our church established in 1987 the year i was born. He is truly a man of God and has been my greatest influence. He has given his life for ministry at his expense never taking money from the church as a salary but rather trusting the Lord to supply through his various businesses. If i write about the others this page wont be long enough but for the sake of my interest i will just highlight Derek Prince.


Derek is one of the main reasons for my spiritual and physical interest in Israel. His messages opened my eyes to the importance of the Jewish nation being reborn. On this last trip i was privileged to visit his grave close to the old city.


As i bring this to a close i invite you to visit the land yourself. It is vitally important for ever believer in Jesus to visit Israel and to set your feet in God covenant land.



Matthew Weaver







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