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On the north east side of the Sea of Galilee are the ruins of Bethsaida. In ancient times, the lake shore came close to this town, a massive earthquake changed the typography a bit and the coast has since shrank away from the site to it's present location. A small fishing village with five to ten families, Bethsaida was home to five of the disciples Jesus chose to follow him. Peter (Shimon Kefa), Philip (Filippos), Andrew (Andreas), James (Ya,akov) and John (Yochanan). The name of the village meant place of the hunter or fisher. Same as most Galileans, life surrounded the synagogue, with many young men learning Torah and listening to Rabbi's teach and expound the Holy Scrolls. On one such day Jesus (Yeshua) walked the shore and called Peter and the others to follow. Being called to follow a rabbi or master was a great honor and these men willingly left homes, livelihoods and families to learn from their masters. In this premise Jesus chose his disciples as well and without hesitation they followed him. Later in Jesus ministry, he healed a blind man outside the gate.



Biblical References

Matthew 11:21

Mark 6:45

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North District, Israel



Sea of Galilee



32.910°N 35.631°E

-Why was this town destroyed

-Part of the religious triangle

-Home of five disciples


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