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Chorazin was a town just north of the Sea of Galilee. It was established in the 1st C  AD. (What is seen today is from a latter period of the Mishna and Talmud when the city was expanded, 3rd/4th C  AD). The city was built with black basalt stones from the volcanic area.

Jesus was very familiar with the people. He did most of his mighty works there. Matt 11:20  They did not accept Him as sent from God because they knew Him as one of the area. Jesus cursed the town because of their rejection.

The city was destroyed in the middle of the 4th C  AD, possible by earthquakes.  It was restored and expanded and continued on thru the 15th C. Bedouins from Syria settled in the ruins until 1948 when it was abandoned. In 1983 a new site was established as what is know today as chorazin.



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Matthew 11:21

Luke 10:13



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North District, Israel



Sea of Galilee



32°54′41″N 35°33′50″E

-Why was this town destroyed

-Part of the religious triangle


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A small city in the Galilee

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