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With spectacular desert landscapes and large megaliths, we see the region of Wadi Rum. Although not mentioned in the Bible, the children of Israel came through this region in the Exodus. The Bible relays that Israel came to the King of Edom and asked for safe passage. The ancient capital of Edom was Petra, just north of this great valley. One gets the sense of the landscape endured by Israel in the great Exodus from Egypt. From forty years in the wilderness they came through this region in the final leg of there great journey. Part of ancient Midian, this region is similar to the Mountain region of Sinai to the south.



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Aqaba, Jordan



Arab States



29°35′35″N 35°25′12″E

-Examples the deserts of the Exodus

-In the territory of Edom


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Wadi Rum

A Desert Valley In The Land Of Edom

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